Global Release Dates & Pricing For WiiU

Nintendo have revealed the worldwide plans for the launch of the WiiU. Holding two livestreamed events, one in New York City and the other in Japan, Nintendo took the wraps off of their launch strategy. Mark your calendars because Ninty hopes that this November will spark a second Wii craze!

WiiU will come in two configurations, the first offering 8GB of built in storage, one Wiiu gamepad, an HDMI cable and console. The more advanced “premium” package will include all of the above as well as a premium subscription to Nintendo’s online service (hopefully more details will be available soon), 32GB of system storage and a charging cradle.

Here’s a brief rundown for all territories:

North America – November 18th ($299 for basic / $350 for premium)
Europe  – November 30th (No prices as of yet, varies by region)
Japan – 
December 8 31,500 Yen/ 26,200 Yen

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