Rumor: Nintendo Wii U Launch Date Leaked? [UPDATED]

Kotaku has an update to a story they posted about the Nintendo Wii U release. PDP Community Manager: Candice Hinton wrote:

“At this time we can’t confirm Nintendo’s dates and we don’t know exactly what was heard, but we simply do not know that this point. We are launching accessories, but the date for the accessories doesn’t mean a confirmation on the hardware. If you seek confirmation on the date that is something that is going to need to go specifically though Nintendo, but we can’t confirm or deny dates on any of their hardware.”

Original Story:
The news on the newest Nintendo device has all of us scratching at the bit for any new information that Nintendo will at throw us. Well, now, we may have found out one of the biggest pieces of the Nintendo Wii U puzzle: It’s release date.

Today, during the Gamestop Manager’s meeting, a video game peripheral manufacturer gave us the goods on upcoming hardware for the Wii U. It also, may have inadvertently showed the release date for the console? So, what did it say on the trusty slide? November 18th, 2012. This date fits perfectly for Nintendo.

This isn’t the first dance Nintendo has had when release consoles during this timeframe. Let’s look at a little history:

  • November 18th is a Sunday. Nintendo loves to release things on Sundays.
  • The Gamecube was released on a Sunday, as was the Nintendo 3DXL and New Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • It’s the perfect time to release a console. Right before the mad dash to the stores to lose all of your money on gifts and presents.

The release date of November 18 isn’t a surprise. But, as the title suggests, this is strictly a rumor for now

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