Hyper Dimension Neptunia MK 2 Heads To PSN This August

NIS America’s follow up to last years quirky console war inspired Hyper Dimension Neptunia, Mk2, is scheduled for release onto the PlayStation network on August 7th in North America and August 8th in Europe.

The original Hyper Dimension Neptunia is one of my favorite RPGS from this console generation. MK2 improves on the original by including a brand new combo and improved battle system. The Neptunia franchise is just as much about geek-culture humor and Anime stereotypes as it is a stats driven RPG, designed to fill a specific niche.

If you grew up playing the N64, or even something later, Neptunia is filled with cute anime girls, hilarious references and some pretty good voice work. We’ll have more on MK2 in the future, hopefully.

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