Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Done For?

Remember that game that was announced back in 2006 that was part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series? Well, it appears that Square Enix has canned the game. While this is just speculation as of now, it appears Square Enix has secretly cancelled the game to so that they’re stock prices would not go down.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been under a lot of scrutiny for it’s long time in development, lack of updates, and non shows at gaming events like E3 and the Tokyo Game Show. As of now, it is also being reported that Final Fantasy XV will now be getting a the full treatment. Final Fantasy XV was said to be under development and will contain elements from games like Final Fantasy XII for it’s open world setting and Vagrant Story which may or may not contain body targeting.

Square Enix, of course, will not comment on speculation or rumors. So, fans will just have to wait in limbo to see if Versus will become vaporware or will be outright publicly cancelled.

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