New PlayStation 3 Incoming? Pictures Leak of New PS3

A new model of Playstation 3 may be in the works according to Technoblog. Their sleuths found a collection of images and technical details for a brand new model of PS3, Model: CECH-4011C. This new PlayStation 3 would come in three variations according to the filings: 250GB, 500GB.. and 16GB?

No other details, with the exception of the pictures, have been released about this new model PS3. We’ve reached out to Sony for comment regarding this leak, and we hope to hear something back promptly.

Might Sony be planning a big GamesCom reveal for the third iteration of the PlayStation 3? The slim PS3 was unveiled at Games 2009, so there is a precedent! Also what can we make of the 16GB model? Perhaps Sony is going the Microsoft Route and offering a console without a hard drive, attempting to lure in the more casual players.

Below are several images posted by Technoblog:

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