Square Enix Brings FFVII To PC

Quite possibly the most beloved Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy VII, will be going digital on Windows PC Square Enix confirmed this afternoon. FFVII was released 15 years ago, all the way in 1997, and has been revered by fans and critics alike. This digital release is perhaps the closest that we will get to an HD remake, despite Square Enix’s teases back before the release of the PlayStation 3.

This updated version of Final Fantasy VIII isn’t just a straight port. The game features achievements, an editor that allows players to make out their stats, gain new items and more. I hope that the editor offers some kind of advanced control because if it is just the manipulation of your party members, their gear and statistics, it will make the game very easy!

This new version of FFVII will be compatible with Windows 7 (the original 1998 port does not work on modern operating systems) and will be released on Square Enix’s digital store later this year.

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