Trials Evolution U.G.C Trailer Shows off Creativity

Trials Evolutions, the first game to receive a perfect 10 from Broken Joysticks, has a brand-new trailer promoting some of the great user generated content the game has to offer. There are some truly amazing pieces of DLC that you can get from the community that are available free of charge right now.

From cramped city highways, to dreamlike floating islands to hellish levels filled with fire and brimstone it seems that the community has covered almost every conceivable angle. For a quick glimpse at what’s available check out the trailer in the embedded player below or if you own Trials Evolution why aren’t you downloading some of these levels already?

[youtube id=”d6n9j7Kj5-M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Sources: Machinima (video link) & RedLynx (PR Release)

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