Halo 4 Campaign Demo Impressions

The world premiere of Halo 4’s campaign took place during the opening moments of the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. In the demo we learn that the UNSC Infinity, the setting for Halo 4’s multiplayer, was dragged through a portal potentially killing members of the crew. The campaign demo opens with the infinity crashing to the ground as Master Chief readies himself he must follow what is presumably a forerunner ship.

Cortana is now placed right on the player’s hud to the left of the screen, rather than being an disembodied voice. From a design perspective this feels liek a great choice by 343i. Master Chief’s first emeny encounter also ends in a surprising way, as he is being charged by a Covenant elite and grunt, the elite is vaporized instantly. Master chieft is attacked by several mysterious enemies, who glow an odd orange color, similar in design to the imulsion infused enemies from last year’s Gears of War 3.

As the demo continues we get our first look at some of the gameplay changes 343 has brought to Halo 4. Master Chief now has a sprint ability, which is always active. He can also be knocked back, ala moments in Call of Duty, where he falls from his feet. Clearly these new enemies are more of a threat to the chief than the covenant ever where.  Chief also activates some kind of thermal vision, which reminded me of the ODST vision from Halo 3: ODST.

At the finale we get our first look at the big baddie from Halo 4, possibly as well as Cortana informing us that “A.I’s deteriorate after 7 years and I have been in service for 8”

Check out the demo for yourself below:

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