Assassins Creed III Is Bloody Good Fun

A trailer shown at Ubisoft’s E3 Press Briefing shown off today gave us a glimpse of what we could expect to see during our playtime. Featuring a badass killing spree by the main protagonist, you will also run into George Washington, who was shown during the trailer.

Also shown was footage of the gameplay. You are Conner as he is sprinting along the cliffs of New England. You then take control of Conner and start to run off of trees, eventually, you will start to hunt wildlife. A wolf comes by and “greets” you by attacking you. You are then tasked to evade a pack of wolves eventually taken another one of the out. The snow on the ground sounds natural as you walk across it coming to a camp full of wounded.

You then deliver some meat that you took after taking out the the deer. He finds a solider that tells him the direction General Lee is heading. As you ride horseback you find a fort and full of enemies. You climb tree limbs to find soldiers to to take them out. Using your bow and arrow, you take down a bunch of the enemies. You then using your axe to make sure no one else survives. Using tree limbs, you find a survivor and assassinate him using your tomahawk.

After taking him out, you begin to descend the mountainside. You then reach a rocky area where you have to cross. Using the rocky part of the moutain, you then find yourself near the fort where General Lee is relaxing. After throwing what appeared to be a bomb, the red coats are frantically running avoiding danger. After finding an killing the Templar, the demo ends.

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