Gratious Tank Battles Patched

Help spread a path of destruction with the release of the latest patch for Gratuitous Tank Battles. This unique game mixes fleet management with aspects of tower defense titles, allowing the player to choose whether they wish to attack or defend against waves of opponents.

This latest patch addresses issues with uploading custom maps as well as various bug fixes and balancing issues. If you are a GTR fan you owe it to yourself to read the full set of notes after the jump.

Patch Notes

1) Fixed some issues with corrupt uploading of challenges and removed ability to decide whether or not map is uploaded with a challenge (now handled automatically).
2) Balance: Small turret hulls cost reduced by 25%, Large turret hulls cost increased by 25%.
3) Balance: Damage from flamethrowers has been substantially boosted to 30(small) and 40(large).
4) Balance: Turbo launch missile system damage has been slightly reduced.
5) Balance: Scenario 12 (Tuchola Forest) has been made slightly harder as attacker and much harder as defender.
6) Fixed bug where the accuracy stats on the unit design screen did not correctly show the effects of augmentations or targeting modules.
7) Support added for enabling and disabling installed mods.
8) Fixed bug where airstrikes that had not triggered yet rolled over into the next battle.
9) Fixed bug where the final row of items on the emplacement picker on map edit screen could not be scrolled to on all screen resolutions.
10) Fixed bug where shift-key state could be misinterpreted when selecting units.
11) Fixed bug where right clicking to deconstruct during deployment phase (rather than left clicking) also is instant and refunds the full unit cost.
12) Added a new tutorial hint to explain the unlock choices a bit better.
13) Nightvision button below minimap is now disabled if nightvision is not available for a given map.
14) Fixed a number of crash bugs relating to going back and forth from the unit design screen.

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