12 Minutes of Grainy Halo 4 Beta Footage Leaked

Halo 4 is going to be one of the biggest games at Microsofts E3 conference, scheduled to take place in just a week’s time. Fans of Halo got a bit of an unexpected treat over the weekend with an eleven minute video of the game’s multiplayer beta leaking online. If you can stomach shakycam footage filmed off of a CRT monitor, then you two can enjoy footage from Halo 4’s internal multiplayer beta.

The blurry footage of Halo 4 shows the player collecting various medals throughout its 11:00 runtime. Unfortunately the quality is so low, a VHS tape played through a CRT television captured by a handy-cam, none of the on screen text is even readable. What we can gather from the footage the default spring option given to all Spartans in Halo 4 is considerably longer than that of Halo Reach’s sprint ability.

Kotaku followed up with Microsoft who issued the following statement:

“We are conducting an internal beta test of Halo 4 which is a standard development practice for most video games. We have no plans for a public multiplayer beta for Halo 4.

Clearly Microsoft seems to be sticking to their guns regarding the lack of a public beta for Halo 4. Other commentators around the internet have said this video is simply an elaborate troll on behalf of 343 industries before the Microsoft press briefing. Perhaps they are right, considering an envelope at the end of the video mentions “Tom Morello”, the alias used by an internal Bungie employee who leaked screenshots from Halo Reach a full year before that game’s release. If this is indeed a troll, 343 has left some clues for hardcore fans.

Check out the video below:

[youtube id=”BPhhb1gidPg#!” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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