Hackers Break Open The Vita Again With Unnamed PSP Title

Sony was very prompt with their response the last time hackers found an exploit in the PSP versions of Motorstorm and Hot Shots Tennis. Both of those games have been patched and are now available for purchase on the PSN but this hasn’t stopped hackers from showing off another exploit using a yet to be revealed PSP title currently available on the store.

In a one minute YouTube video, which you can watch below, YouTuber frwololo plays id Software’s classic Doom on Sony’s $250 handheld. Isn’t that what expensive handhelds are for?, playing 18 year old DOS games!. Presumably once the game used in the exploit is revealed Sony will remove it from the store, patch it and then repost it on PSN.

[youtube id=”q_eVaq5_PIY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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