New Halo 4 Artwork Showcases Single Player Campaign

A number of choice Halo 4 screenshots have found their way on to the internet thanks to All Games Beta. These new screenshots go beyond the Red Vs Blue multiplayer mode that was revealed earlier this week. We get our first look at the single player campaign through Master Chief’s visor as well as a new look at Chief’s revised armor.

Check out several of the new screenshots and our analysis after the jump.


Master Chief’s newly revised armor gets the up-close and personal treatment in this high resolution screenshot. Interestingly this screenshot features a terminal prominently. Those of you who have played through any of the modern Halo titles (Halo: Reach, Halo 3 and ODST) will recognize the terminals as bonus items included in the single player campaign providing additional details fleshing out the universe. Could 343 industries be continuing Bungie’s practice of including the terminals? Considering the Forerunners are a prominent theme that’s my vote.

Presumably this single player screen grab is taken from the begining of the game. Despite my previous assertions that the forerunners are a central theme in Halo 4 this screenshot shares similar elements to the ship Master Chief was seen in at the end of Halo 3. It is possible that this screen is from the first levels of the game. It is also interesting to note that for the first time in series history the edge of Master Chief’s visor are visible around the edges of the HUD.

Two more screenshots from the Multiplayer Mode where revealed in this latest leak.  Halo 4 will be released on November 6th 2012.

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