Prepare To Shout Kamhamha With Dragon Ball Z Kinect

Akira Toriyama’s hammy long running anime series Dragon Ball Z will be shouting its way on to Xbox 360 Kinect this October thanks to Namco Bandai and Funimation, the holders of the western license for DBZ. This new game is the fourth iteration on Microsoft’s latest home console after Burst Limit and Raging Blast 1 & 2.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect boasts over 100 different moves mapped to various physical movements. Developer Spike Chunsoft has included brand new high definition footage that has never been included in a North American or European DBZ titles.

I’m guessing this game will increase the number of people screaming “Kamhamha” at their televisions tenfold. Hopefully we’ll get more information on Dragon Ball Z Kinect soon.


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