ipad 3 Jailbreak Demonstrated As Device Heads To Retail

Posted on March 18, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Apple Inc will begin to ship the “resolutionary” (Apple’s latest buzz word to describe their latest product) tablet this week and the device has already been jail-broken.

Members of the popular hack group “iPhone Dev Team” released a screenshot via twitter showing that they have gained root (or administrative) access to the new tablet. They aren’t the first group to post hacks for Apple’s latest device, two other independent hackers have posted multiple methods that can be used to gain access to the ipad 3.

These steps are still very early in development.  As PC Magazine points out none of these methods are within the grasp of average users. Unleess you are willing to much with your ipad’s internal workings you should probably wait until a more user friendly tool is released by one of the popular ipad modification groups.

MuscleNerd who discovered the first of jailbreaking the new ipad had this to say on twitter:

“Busy iPad3 launch day! Congrats to @i0n1c for 2nd JB method, and @chpwn + @phoenixdev for 3rd method!”

The latest version of the ipad was revealed was unveiled on March 7th and sports a 2048×1530 resolution screen, a first for the tablet market.


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