Batman Arkham City 50% Off On Steam This Weekend


Quick, to the batmobile! This weekend’s deal on Steam is particularly tempting for all us comic fans out there. Until Monday May 7th Batman Arkham City has been discounted on steam to an absolutely mind blowing $14.99!

For that price you’d have to be as mad as the joker not to pick up Arkham City (okay I’ll stop with the lame jokes!). If you missed out on Arkham back when it launched in October now is as good as any time to get in on the detective action, especially with the Harley’s Revenge DLC coming out at the end of the month.

Source:  Steam

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3 Responses to “Batman Arkham City 50% Off On Steam This Weekend”

  1. dmcgee627 says:

    I cannot recommend this game enough.
    It’s an absolute steal for 15 dollars.

  2. Fearpoint says:

    I’ll wait a month or two for the Steam sale and pick it up for a fiver.

    • Daniel Shannon says:

      $15 is a good deal, but I think Fearpoint’s patience will be rewarded.

      I waited to pick up Arkham City until it was a super cheap daily deal ($7.50 or so). Sure, I didn’t get the game until almost a year after it release, but it was still a good game.

      Perhaps GabeN has spoiled me?

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