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3DS Updates Coming, including Miiverse

Nintendo will be updating the 3DS next month which will see a few new features added to the handheld. One thing that many users have been clamouring for is the combination of eShop balances between the 3DS and Wii U. […]


Nico Bellic’s Reaction To GTA V

Pointed out by Evan Narcisse over on Kotaku, this fan made video takes a comical look at Nico’s reaction to the improvements of GTA V. However, even in his depressed state, Nico is still bound by the rules of Grand […]


Codemasters Gives Us a Sneak Peak at GRID 2 With New Teaser

Get your wheels spinning with a bit of a tease for Codemaster’s GRID 2. A very brief glimpse of gameplay was released on the company’s official YouTube channel with a promise of a full trailer next week, on Feb 14. […]


Youtube PS Vita App To Be Released Later This Month

Heads up fans of Cats with funny captions and continuous looping shots of people getting hit in the groin, Sony will be giving us another way to waste time with the release of the YouTube app for PS Vita at […]