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First Update Issued For Turok: Remastered

Posted on December 19, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Turok: Remastered has received its first major patch since launching this past Tuesday. In addition to remedying bugs that resulted in cut-scenes not playing or the game hard crashing improvements to the AI and animations have been implemented for the harder difficulties.  They have also implemented a new set of headbob options allowing players to adjust bobbling for various directions and underwater sections.

Turok: Remastered is an enhanced version of the 1996 Nintendo 64 original as well as the 1998 sequel Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Both of these games did receive PC ports back in the days of Windows 98 and dial-up internet but Night Dive Studios have ensured that the games will run on modern 64-bit hardware without all that nasty fog that was pretty mandatory in the original releases.

You can purchase Turok: Remastered through it’s official Steam Store page. Full patch notes below:

Changelist for 12/18/2015

  • Safeguard checks for initializing video. Will fall back to starting the game in windowed mode if it is unable to create a window for fullscreen mode
  • Head bobbing options implemented
  • Possible fix for a crash when loading a level or loading from a save file
  • Tremor effects no longer affects the player’s velocity (won’t be doing short hops)
  • Animation speeds for AI on Hard and Hardcore difficulties have been toned way down
  • Changing the difficulty in the gameplay menu now automatically updates all active AI, where before they would change their behavior only after revisiting the level (which was a bug).
  • Fixed crash with moving platforms in level 8 bonus stage.
  • Several minor updates to levels (wood pillars in Jungle all moves down rather than moving up. Looks silly with extended draw distance enabled as they all look like they’re floating).
  • Clamped XY coordinates in light scatter shader. This fixes very bad rendering artifacts caused by the shader in certain graphics drivers.

Head Bobbing Options
This menu can be found in Options->Gameplay->Head Bobbing Options. The following options are:

  • Head Bobbing – Toggles all bobbing while walking/running on ground and jumping.
  • Turn Bobbing – Toggles the rolling of the view camera when turning (on land and in water).
  • Adjust View To Slopes – Toggles your view being aligned to the floor surface that you’re standing on.
  • Underwater Bobbing – Toggles all bobbing related to being on water and underwater.

AI Updates

  • The timing on how long it takes for AI to respawn has been heavily re-factored now. It will take roughly 15-30 seconds for them to begin fading out and another 10-15 seconds for them to begin respawning. Its still randomized but there should be a longer delay before they start respawning though it really depends on their configuration in the levels.
  • The speeds of the AI has been lowered for the harder difficulties and they will be instantly updated if the difficulty option has been changed in the gameplay menu. The issue with them not updating until that level was revisited has led to a lot of confusion regarding to the broken nature of the AI and speed of the game.



Turok: Remastered Trailer Proves Game Isn’t Extinct

Posted on December 17, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Do you remember Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter for the Nintendo 64? If you’re younger than 25 I’d not considering the original version was released nearly 20 years ago in 1996! Despite its age there is a high of enough demand that a Windows PC port is launching on Steam nearly two decades after the game hit store shelves.

Developer Night Dive Studio is handling the translation to modern operating systems. Turok: Remastered won’t just include cleaned up textures and various Steam features but also the removal of the once infamous “pea soup” fog that plagued the original games. Due to the hardware limitations of the Nintendo 64 the original games had quite the poor draw distance.

Turok: Remastered includes content from the 1996 original as well as the sequel 1998’s Turok: Seeds of Evil. It is also available for purchase via GOG and the Humble Store.

[youtube id=”gHX5NArspxg”]



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