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Remote Play Comes To Windows / Mac Officially Today

Posted on April 6, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog this morning that the latest PlayStation 4 firmware, version 3.50 – code-name Musashi will be hitting console starting tomorrow. Firmware updates are usually a mundane thing that no one really thinks about but alongside the usual bug fixes & minor features is something major – the ability to use Remote Play on Windows PC / Mac. By using the official PS4 Remote Play app and configuring their PS4 users games can be played over  either wireless or wired connections.

The official specs required for Remote Play on PC aren’t really that demanding, although to be honest the lack of support for Windows 7 is a little baffling considering that it currently has a 51% market share. Sony’s official Remote Play app won’t work on the original version of Windows 8 either, if you happen to be running that for some reason.Read More


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