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Star Citizen 2.0 To Go Live Today!

Posted on December 11, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Star Citizen

If you’re a player of Star Citizen today’s news might you a bit excited – should everything go according to plan – Version 2.0.0 of Star Citizen should make its way from the Patch Test Server onto the live servers at some point later today.

In an update posted by WLeverett-CIG the current plan is for build 2.0.0 to be pushed live as long as there are no more major issues. If there are major complications the launch will be pushed back until next week.

Here’s the full statement as discovered by Reddit:

We’re going to push one more build to PTU today to test an extra fix for the AI spawns at a comms array that slow down and occasionally crash the game server. Our internal testing shows that the fix resolves the crash, though there can be slowdowns of 30 seconds or so, at which point the servers clear up.

If all goes well with testing, we will push this build to Live later today.

Please know this is fully dependent on a successful, stable test, and is therefore a fluid situation where plans can change last minute. If there are any problems with the new build on PTU, we will assess, make some changes, and push to Live next week.

Thanks everyone! – WL

We’ve also seen some really cool videos come out of the PTU version of Star Citizen including a nifty Ship Interface video we covered last month. For everything Star Citizen keep checking out Broken Joysticks – we’re keeping our fingers on the pulse of the game.


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