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Electronic Arts Kisses Online Passes Goodbye

Posted on May 15, 2013 by Joshua Rust

This could quite possibly be some of the best news I’ve heard in quite a while in regards to Electronic Arts (EA). It’s been known for quite a while that EA’s upcoming game Fuse will not require an Online Pass to play the multiplayer component of the game, but who knew that EA was actually listening to its fan base (for lack of a better word) when we say that Online Passes suck!

According to a recent interview with GamesBeat,  EA senior director of corporate communications John Reseburg, told them that, “Yes we’re discontinuing Online Pass. None of our new titles will include that feature.”

I think the question remains is how EA will get around this. It’s not a matter of “if”…just “how” and “when”. This could have something to do with the possible success of micro-transactions through games like Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3. But, either way it’s good to see that they are doing away with these Online Passes that were “supposed to extend the server life” of games because the them being bought used. Which we all know that didn’t happen as most of the game servers are still taken down pretty much two years after the games have been released – mostly sports titles though.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on EA getting rid of the Online Passes? Perhaps EA is trying to get back on the right track with consumers…?


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