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“Please Understand”: Nintendo is failing Pokemon fans abroad

Posted on January 4, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Am I mad?  Probably? Why you ask? Because I was told that if I wrote an article about something I was mad about it would get published on this site. Now if you ask why I would ever feel an urge to have anything published on this site the only compelling answer anyone could possibly give is that they are a twisted person. Anyways, I’m Szko and I’ll be your rage columnist this evening.

So what am I mad about? I’m mad about all the god damn Pokémon events Japan gets that other countries do not. I’ve been a Pokémon fan ever since I was a little kid playing Red and Blue, approximately a year or two before Gold and Silver came out. I have played every Pokémon game and own a living pokédex of every Pokémon aside from some event Pokémon. As a matter of principle I refuse to use a hack device. This is because the  Pokémon events distributed over the internet are few and far between, and do not even compare to the slate of events Japan gets.  For someone like me getting those legendary pokes like mew would be a great thing because I could fill out this pokédex, fulfill the goal of catching them all, and even play with some of my favorite legends from the movies and TV show.

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