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EA Admits to Poor Origin Communication

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Matthew Regier

Origin, Electronic Art’s digital distribution platform that has been around for just over a year now has turned to its user base to help get some corners smoothed out. EA, admitting they could have done a better job in “communicating what’s available” is hoping to improve this by asking its 9.3 million registered users for some feedback on the issue.

Despite the $100 million Origin generated in 2011, and which continues to grow with the addition of new publishing partners, they still want to make Origin more user friendly and is confident that it’s user base will be able to express their concerns so that they may be able to make the platform more streamlined.

Continuing The Origin Conversation currently has 900 comments with many users hoping for a more streamline front page, less hassle with accounts and DRM, as well as little requests such as an overlay clock are common requests. EA will be hosting a live Q&A session with product manager Mike Lewis and creative director Robert Kissinger, in which they intend to address as many of these problems as possible. This session will be held on May 8th at 10:00AM PDT.


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