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Insert Coins T’s teams up with Pokemon for a new line of shirts

Posted on August 5, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

If you don’t know about Insert Coin tshirts, where the heck have you been? They are one of the few companies out there that can make licensed game t-shirts, and look good doing it. They feature shirts from Assiasins Creed, Border Lands, Life is Strange, and many others. their shirts have muted designs and are not obviously gaming related, so you can wear them out to events with no fear of being singled out.

You said Pokemon?

Yup, with the success of PO:GO everyone wants in on the fad, so Insert Coin is  doing a collaboration which brings together Pokémon’s twenty-year heritage and Insert Coin’s industry-leading reputation of creating stylish designer gamer-wear. Even better, it will be launching later this month. The collection aims to bring together everyone’s love of the Pokémon brand and will feature fan favorites such as Magikarp, Snorlax, Jigglypuff and Charmander… and of course Pikachu!

Where can I get them!

Well if your lucky enough to live near their single retail store. Then, on the 30th of  August at London’s Old Truman Brewery. The shop will also include some memorabilia from Pokémon’s 20-year history and there will be live appearances from Pikachu.

Products will only be available in-store whilst stocks last. The initial run of products will be limited in availability to the Pokémon x Insert Coin store and will be sold on a first come, first served basis – before appearing on www.insertcoinclothing.com later this year.

Thats pretty neato, there is no shortage of Pokemon branded clothes out there, but hopefully Insert Coin continues their great legacy of delivering high quality somewhat discreet gamer clothing.


Video games are leaking in to the real world

Posted on December 26, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Its not often that you see a character from popular JRPG’s on an advertisement for something other than that game it self. Final fantasy seems to have worked its way in to the general consciousness well enough to merit it happening though. Lightning is literally advertising purses now.

The new “Series 4” (was there a 3,2, or 1?) ads will feature the heronine from the Final Fantasy universe holding up purses designed by non other than Nicolas Ghesquiere of Louis Vuitton, the purses will be featured in ads like the one below on Instagram.Look at those cold dead eyes The instagram in question says

“Reality and fantasy become one. Lightning a genuine heroine in the new @louisvuitton series 4 ad campaign,”

It seems this is not the first but just the most recent of times a character from the popular Square Enix franchinse have backed a fashion line Back in 2012, characters from the RPG series were used to promote Prada clothing, Kotaku reports.

Intersting, whats next? VR clothes modeling with your favorite RPG character? well who knows the sky is the limit on that one.



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