Working With TGZ Files

This article will provide you a basic information on how to open tgz file. When a file has either GZ or TGZ extension it is called GZIP Compressed Tar Archive file. Usually, TGZ files consist of several files which have been placed in the archive TAR and then they get compressed with GZIP. Such compressed files are named tarballs or in short TGZ. Discover how to open tgz file on your computer.

How can we open TGZ files?

Usually, TAR files do not have their native capability for compression. That is why they are compressed with common archive formats which actually support compression. In most case, the file extensions TGZ, GZ, TAR.GZ are used.

You may notice that some of your TAR files look like DATA.TAR.GZ and have few more extensions. They get archived with TAR first and then get compressed with GNU ZIP compression.

  1. Start with saving your TGZ file directly on your desktop. In case, the file has been downloaded from any web site, it is recommended to save it in the folder called “Downloads” in your user directory or in Documents.
  2. Now, the program WinZip has to be launched from the shortcut “Desktop” or directly from the menu “Start”. You will need to open your compressed file by pressing “File” and then “Open”. In case, your computer system has a special extension for compressed files and which is fully associated with the program WinZip, then your file has just to be clicked twice.
  3. All the folders and files which are present in your compressed file have to be selected. Alternatively, you can choose certain folders and files which you want to open simply by holding the key “CTRL” and clicking left on them.
  4. Click “Unzip” and choose the option “Unzip to PC or Cloud” in the toolbar “WinZip” under the tab “Unzip/Share”.
  5. Now, you will need to select the destination for your folder n order to place all extracted files.
  6. Press the button “Unzip”.
  7. Finally, check your destination folder and all extracted files.

The only thing you will need to open TGZ files is WinZip program. Using this program, you will enjoy working with any kind of file formats. This is the best compression utility which offers people the easiest and the most efficient file compression/packaging/encryption/data backup/file management solutions and capabilities.

Working with different kinds of files, it is important to understand what is file extension. Usually, this is a set of characters following with a dot in the name of the file. You may wonder why we need such extensions. The answer is simple, file extensions help your operating system on your computer to determine a certain program which is associated with this file. Knowing the main programs, you will be able to work with any kind of files.

If you still have problems with opening your TGZ files, you should use the following resource where you will find any kind of help with opening any kind of files. You will just need to type the name of your file and you will get the list of all the programs which are able to open your file. Opening files has never been that easy and fast.

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