Hand of Fate 2 Coming To PS4 and Xbox One On November 7th

Defiant Development has penciled in a release date of November 7th for their action RPG sequel Hand of Fate 2 PS4, Xbox One and PC. Today’s release date announcement came with three brand new screenshots, confirmation of Xbox One X 4K support and the reveal of the game’s final non-playable companion. 

Ariadne of Stiegal is the 4th and final companion to be revealed for Hand of Fate 2. She is a melee tank character who has exclusive perks for the “meta board game”, unique dialogue options and her own storyline to explore. 

Players of Hand of Fate 2 will have to best challenges constructed from a deck of cards wielded by the returning antagonist “The Dealer”. Combining collectible card game elements, action RPG combat and storylines with optional dialogue paths, Hand of Fate 2 takes elements across a number of genres and fuses them together into a single unique package. 

Director of Defiant Development, Morgan Jaffit, had this to say about Hand of Fate 2’s Fall release: 

“The team has been keeping our heads down working on the game, and now that we’re nearly done, I can safely say this marks a new chapter in the level of quality we can achieve. I’m incredibly proud of this group and can’t wait to show their work to the world.” 

Make sure to check out the brand new screenshots below:

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