September 11, 2017

‘The Architect’ Update For Osiris: New Dawn Released With 33% Off Sale

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Multiplayer space survival title Osiris: New Dawn received the substantial ‘Architect’ update today alongside a 33% discount on Steam for the next week. To celebrate the release developer Fenix Fire released a brand-new trailer, a list of major features for this update and a screenshot gallery. 

In the new ‘Creative Mode’ players are not constrained by the need for building materials, the bodily needs for survival or filling out tech trees. Gameplay sliders allow the host of a game session to adjust individual values like Structure Decay, Fall Duration, and many others. The introduction of Stackable Habitable Spaces provides fledgling architects with new dwellings to add to their favorite base designs. 

Here is a full feature list provided by Fenix Fire’s PR representatives: 

  • Creative Mode – Players can now enjoy a near-limitless sandbox game mode to build all sorts of amazing structures. Huge highways, large walled buildings, and massive landmarks are just some of the custom structures that can be made. 
  • New Base Defenses and Utilities – Gamers can make use of different wall materials to reinforce their base of operations and take advantage of new electric fences, sling turrets, and electro-dome defenses. 
  • Stackable Habitat Structures – Increase the colony’s livable space with stackable habitat structures connected with automated elevators. 
  • Better Starting Equipment – A new beginning point as well as better starting equipment will ease new space adventurers into the harsh alien environment. 
  • New Weapon: Bolt Rifle – The update introduces the powerful Bolt Rifle, a higher-powered, single shot weapon with tremendous range. 
  • Batch Crafting and Auto Mining – Automate multiple crafting needs with Batch Crafting and never worry about searching for excavated minerals with the new Auto Mining option. 
  • Rebalanced Skill Trees – Skill trees for every class have been rebalanced for better overall player progression. 
  • New Gameplay Sliders – Customize the game with a huge assortment of slider options including Structure Decay Speed, Hover Duration, Fall Damage and much more. 

If you’d like to check out the trailer here it is:

Osiris New Dawn launched in Steam Early Access almost a year ago in September 2016. It holds an overall “Mostly Positive” rating according to Steam User Reviews and received the “Best New Survival” award at the 2016 Penny Arcade Expo West. Until September 18th it is available for the discounted price of $18.75 CDN. 

New Screenshots:


This post contains images and copy-text that were provided by either this game’s developer or PR agency, editorial comments by our staff are not the viewers of the game’s developers and vice versa. 



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