Spider-Man Does Whatever A Spider Can In First PS4 Footage

It has been awfully quiet on the Spider-Man front as of late. Oh sure, there is a huge co-produced Marvel & Sony Pictures film coming out next month but I meant in terms of Insomniac’s web-slinging simulator announced at E3 2016. A year later and Sony closed their press conference last night with an [X] demo, surely they were hoping to wow the crowd by recreating Spider-Man’s signature moves in video game form.

The demo picks up with Spidey taking on a series of henchmen on the inside of an unfinished skyscraper. Spidey dodges, leaps and performs acrobatics exactly like you’d expect someone with superhuman reflexes to react – seamlessly going from launching a henchman up in the air with a high kick, only to web-shoot him out the window mid-jump a split second later. All of this action is broken up by a mid-demo FaceTime conversation between Spider-Man and an imprisoned Kingpin. All of these henchmen that Spidey have been laying waste to are actually trying to take down Kingpin’s assets while he’s imprisoned and if Spidey wants to discover the true identity of this criminal mastermind Spider-Man will have to rescue Kingpin’s men and save the high-rise. Without giving away the climactic action sequence towards the demo’s end or the surprise post-credits reveal, it looks like Insomniac’s Spider-Man is going to be worth the wait until it ships sometime next year.

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