Ranger Outlined In New Quake Champions Video

Posted on May 3, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Bethesda and id Software bring fans of the quake series (as well as newcomers) another look at one of the Champions featured in the upcoming Quake Champions, Ranger. This particular champion showcase should be interest of players who want to try out Quake Champion’s free-to-play option as Ranger will always be available to players regardless if they’ve spent real money on QC or not.

Inspired by the original Quake’s protagonist, Ranger’s special ability is the Dire Orb which he can launch at enemies to deal damage or use to warp to other points on the map provided that his orb doesn’t collide with another object or champion. Like all the other Champions in the game Ranger will start with a basic machinegun but will be able to pick up deadlier weapons, like the rocket launcher or railgun, if he can make it to them before his opponents.

Ranger is certain to be a character that free-to-play players will become acquainted with during their time with the game. Additional champions will be able to be rented with ‘favor’ – a special in-game currency earned by completing matches or by purchasing them with real world money.

Quake Champions currently does not have a release date but it is in  closed beta testing.

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