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Last Final Fantasy XIV: Heavnsward Patch Released

Great news for adventurers and Warriors of Light all around Eorzea – the last patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavansward has been released, leading up to June’s Stormblood expansion. With this latest patch before the next expansion drops Square Enix have brought us 4 new Main Story Quests. In addition there have been changes for Heavenswards’ raid finder system and the Tokens needed to claim some end-game loot from dungeons & raids. Some adjustments to the PVP portion that affect players of 2.X – A Realm Reborn as well as 3.X players as part of patch 3.56.

Here are some of the highlights of the latest patch:

Hevansward Specific Changes:

  • Four new Main Story Quests
  • Alexander The Creator (Savage) has been added to the Raid Finder
  • Weekly loot lock out from Alexander The Creator was removed
  • Maximum amount of Allegan Tome Stones of Scripture has been doubled.
  • Several adjustments that affect the monk 3.x abilities.

2.X PVP Adjustments

  • Damage reduction for the White Mage ability Sacred Prism.
  • Stun duration reduction for the PVP Monk ability Steel Peek.

If you’re a current FFXIV player, are you excited to see where Square takes the story leading into Stormblood? The next expansion doesn’t drop until June but I’ve already re-subscribed so that I can catch up on Main Scenario content before it releases. I’m a little over eight months behind the current patch, as of the writing of this news post I just finished Patch 3.3 “Revenge of the Horde”‘s main content.


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