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Xbox One’s Snap Mode Is No More

Microsoft’s Xbox One console will lose its once touted Snap feature in the next major dashboard update in order to streamline performance. Snap allowed users to use a minimalized version of apps such as a live television guide while watching TV, bring up internet explorer or bring up friend lists or other social functions.

Explaining on twitter, Xbox honcho Mike Ybarra stated that this move will lead to overall system performance and speed by freeing up resources.

Microsoft is currently testing the next version of the Xbox Dashboard Software via the recently implemented Xbox One Preview program. The next version of the system is currently being rolled out in waves, meaning that even if you sign up right now you might not get access right away. This new major version of the Xbox One’s OS is expected to become available on retail consoles when the Windows 10 Creators Update be released to mainstream PC users this coming April

In addition to the new multitasking support the new OS also includes a new guide that includes recently played games, recently used apps and online contacts. Here’s a look:

Image via PCGamer

If you are wondering how the Snap feature works on current retail Xbox One consoles check out the original trailer for it, released back in 2013:


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