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Killing Floor 2 Takes A Tropical Vacation In Latest Update

Killing Floor 2 gets a huge content infusion with the release of the Tropical Bash Content Pack on Windows PC and PlayStation 4 today. Bringing a brand new map set on a tropical island, a new mace & shield for the Berserker class, a new type of energy and the ability to cross-class certain weapon types – this update looks to kick off 2017 with a bang.

New Map

Set on the tropical island of Zed Landing (isn’t that name appropriate for an area infested with the undead), this brand new maps sees players explore a downed helicopter while an imposing volcano bellows smoke off in the distance.  Alongside this brand new map is a whole set of new achievements for Zed slayers to collect.

New Enemy 

A brand new horrifying monstrosity is awaiting to be unleashed on Zed Landing, the Gore Fiend. Featuring a grotesque long tongue and two rusty blades for hands this new undead nightmare is nothing to laugh at, perhaps it is really a cut above the rest of the Zeds? 

New Weapons For Berserker 

Berserkers get a brand new tier 4 weapon with the addition of the Bone Crusher. Comprised of a spiked circular shield and a make-shift mace made out of a baseball bat and some long nails this new kit should enable the Berserker to crush in the skulls of the hordes of Zed. The hubcap shield can also be used to parry enemies causing them to stagger backwards. 

Cross-Classing Weapons

Do you find yourself picking a class like Command only to find yourself adopting a single weapon from another class because it suits your playstyle more? With the new cross-class system many different weapons can be combined during play which should open up new options for those who like to stick to a single class. While Tripwire didn’t publish a complete list of cross-class weapon combinations they did provide a few examples:

  • Use the HMTech Medical Assault Rifle, the Incendary Trench Gun or M16 M293 as the Commando.
  • Use the VLAD-1000 Nail Gun as Support.
  • Use the HMTech-201 Sub Machinegun as SWAT.

Killing Floor 2 is currently also on sale on Steam for $19.99 USD. Check out Tripwire’s official blog post for more information on the latest update.


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