Drive Club Gets 16 Tracks From VR Version In Massive Update

Alright so I am a little late on this one – it actually went live on Halloween Night – but Sony has released a massive 6GB Patch for DriveClub. Adding 15 brand new tracks that were formally exclusive to DriveClub VR this update gives players even more content to play in Sony’s two year old racing title.

Sony’s would be marquee racing franchise didn’t do as well as the publisher had expected – after multiple delays, a troubled PlayStation Plus edition and the eventual closure of developer Evolution Studios there is a good chance this is the final patch for DriveClub.

These new courses do sport slightly downgraded visuals – a necessity due to their inclusion in the PlayStation VR version of the game. The official changelog for this update even included a farewell message from whomever is handling the deployment of this last patch. “Thanks for your support. Thanks for your commitment. Farewell,” that message read in part.

Evolution Studio’s vision of a socially connected racer may not have panned out as expected but they delivered & supported the game up until the very literal end.


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