DOOM’s First Paid DLC – Unto The Evil – Arrives

Bethesda has released the first downloadable content for id Software’s DOOM on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The $15 USD DLC pack is called “Unto The Evil” and it adds 3 new maps to the multiplayer, one new weapon, a playable demon and new color sets for player armor.

Unto The Evil won’t be entirely gated behind a paywall – thanks to Bethesda’s “PartyPlay” system the host of  a multiplayer loby is able to share their purchased maps with their friends in the party.

I find the PartyPlay system an interesting addition but I can’t help wonder if eventually Bethesda will have to just release the paid DLC for free to keep the community from fracturing and dwindling. This is why Microsoft’s approach to Gears 4 DLC is so refreshing – paying for DLC is only required in private lobbies in that game.

Here is the complete breakdown of Unto The Evil’s new content:

New Maps

  • Cataclysm
  • Offering
  • Ritual

New Equipment

  • Kinetic Mine

New Weapon

  • UAC EMG Pistol

New Demon

  • The Harvestor

DOOM is currently 50% off on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam in celebration of QuakeCon.

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