PS4 Neo Will Not Be At E3. Console Confirmed By Sony Exec Andrew House

Rumors of an upgraded PlayStation 4 have been floating around for a quite a few months and have even included leak technical specs. Those rumors can pretty much cease now that Sony’s Chief Global Executive, Andrew House, has confirmed to The Financial Times that the upgraded console will debut alongside the existing PS4 model from November 2013.

It is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4 … We will be selling both [consoles] through the life cycle.”


Confirmation of the PS4 Neo comes ahead of Sony’s upcoming E3 press conference, according to house the upgraded PlayStation will not be making an appearance. He did however confirm the longstanding rumor that PlayStation 4 games will have a ‘Neo mode’ as well as backwards compatibility with the existing console once the Neo ships.

Whatever Sony announces in Los Angeles we will bring it to you. Both Fionna and myself will be at the Sony press conference on Monday evening.

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