The Division Now Bans Cheaters Permanently on the First Offense

The Division

Many bad things have recently been said about The Division, which it would seem to many people has lost its way. Ubisoft has certainty not done a great job up till now dealing with cheaters, providing new content, and fixing broken exploitative content at all. Well now it seems they have head the cries of their fans and will at least attempt to remedy some of the worst cheaters in the game.

anyone still playing the division will tell you happily that the game is broken, that PvP is unusable, and that they still love the game, god only knows why. The dark zone in particular has been literally unusable due to cheaters and exploiters. Since the best of the game’s loot is contained in that zone, and you have to do an extraction that globally notifies everyone on the map you are extracting in order to be able to get good gear.

In a blog post today, Ubisoft talks about how it took action last month against more than 30,000 accounts for cheating, banning 3,800 accounts permanently in the process. “This led to a significantly improved experience, particularly in the Dark Zone,” it says. But if reports on the main Subreddit of the game are any indication this was not nearly enough.  The post goes on to clarify “Following this campaign of suspensions and bans, it also became clear that while huge progress has been made in terms of cheat detection, our 14 day suspension on first offense policy has not been dissuasion enough,” its post continues. “Judging from your feedback, and based on what we witnessed when cheaters came back to the game, we have now decided to push our policy one step further: we will now start applying permanent bans on first offense when players are caught using cheat engines and we will communicate clearly when new ban waves are taking place.”

So there it is, right from god the words of UbiSoft themselves. 14 day bans are out for players who cheat (exploiters are not named as cheaters in this instance) and in their place are much longer life time account bans. Despite the dozens of posts that have been made and Ubisoft saying “take all steps necessary to track down cheaters and make sure they cannot spoil your enjoyment of the game.” its honestly still not enough for me. the game sever lack of content basically still means that even with out cheaters, those who were able to exploit the game to get top level gear will always have a huge advantage, and fixing that is no easy task at all. Cheating has been present in this game since the Beta, and I have no faith in Ubisoft being able to stop or control it this late in the game.

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