HTC now shipping Vives within 72 hours of placing an order

HTC is all caught up (im looking at you Occulus) with their orders for the Vive and are now shipping them with in 48 hours of them being ordered. is reporting that the HTC group has today announced that it’s stepping up shipping of the HTC Vive. Orders placed through the official Vive site will now ship within two to three business days to any of the 24 countries that the kit is available in.  Well shit, Occulus still hasn’t even gotten their headset out to most of the world and here HTC is just stepping it up, like you want an HMD you can have one in 48 hours practically anywhere in the world. Not only that but the Vive is now available to buy at select retail sites including some Microsoft Stores, GameStops, and Micro Centers. So if you want one in a many places in the US you can just drive down to the local computer store, or Game Stop and get one!

In addition to that over 100 US locations of those stores will be getting demo units in the near future, allowing the common public (like my self) who could never afford a VR HMD to go and take a look at how the other half lives! This can mean nothing but good for HTC whom have clearly come out with an early lead in the VR wars.

HTC’s vive offers whole room vr, with touch controllers, while the Occulus is still having logistic issues with shipping preventing any new orders from going. Occulus does cost less, but they also dont have the whole room VR and the touch controllers are not included. Which one do you prefer? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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