STEINS;GATE 0 coming to Europe and North America in 2016

As a massive fan of Steins;Gate both in its anime and Visual Novel (VN) formats my heart skipped a beat when this mail arrived in our PR box today. For those not familiar with the anime or its primogeniture the visual novel just titled Steins;Gate it’s a story of love, and time travel, and a particular computer, or something. The real meat of the game is spoilers to the game itself so I wont spend many words on it and will just say its a really fantastic game, and an even better show so go watch it.


STEINS;GATE 0 is the sequel to Steins;Gate and will feature the same returning cast of characters, on a new adventure. Depicting an alternative world line unseen in the original STEINS;GATE STEINS;GATE 0 sees Okabe and the Future Gadget Lab members return once again in a story  centered around Artificial Intelligence and the creation of ‘Amadeus’  a means of interacting with the stored memories of a fellow human being.

Stiens;Gate had some of the best story I have ever read period, and presented it in a beautiful Visual format for deeper immersion in the world. With its twists and world lines, and time travel and good and evil, I found myself wrapped up in the world and unable to stop playing for hours on end when I first played it. Even now years later, the anime is still one of my all time favorites, and I go back and play the VN at least once a year. If STEINS;GATE 0 keeps up the amazing writing and stories from the first installment I have no doubt that it will be my favorite VN this year.

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