Homefront The Revolution Story Trailer Storms In

Homefront The Revolution

Prepare to join the resistance as Ethan Bradly in the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Publisher Deep Silver along with developer Dambuster Games have released a new story trailer, focusing on the Philadelphia resistance as they try to free Benjamin Walker and inspire the people of the north eastern United States to rise up after a terrifying invasion.

Homefront: The Revolution has been in development since at least September of 2011, then under the supervision of now defunct publisher THQ at Crytek UK. After financial difficulties at Crytek emerged in 2014 the rights to the franchise were purchased by the parent company of co-publisher Deep Silver and development staff from Crytek UK were moved to the newly formed Dambuster Games.

It has been a long time coming but the revolution will be available on your television screen on May 17th!

[youtube id=”X77cgAk4Trk”]

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