DOOM Launch Trailer Asks Us To Fight Like Hell

We didn’t really have a good idea about what DOOM’s single player would be like, outside of the DOOM single player demos from last year’s E3. That all changed with the recent 2 hour live-stream hosted by Bethesda where we learned new details like the fact that sometimes, especially on custom Snap-map game types enemies will fight amongst themselves before getting to you. Some fans have described the gameplay as “fairly large open sections with enemies sprinkled into them”, and after watching a lot of single-player footage I’m in agreement. This might feel like a bit of a step back, especially since games like Call of Duty have had us expecting huge set-pieces, but it looks like the new DOOM is trying to take things back to basics.

The new DOOM single-player launch trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of story – outside of the fact that the player character is “the only flesh to walk between this world and theirs (presumably Earth)”. Then again, the original DOOM titles weren’t exactly known for their stories – you were basically one marine versus several levels of demons.

DOOM releases on May 13th for PS4, Xbox and Windows PC.

[youtube id=”RO90omga8D4″]

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