Giveaway: Win A Halo Scarf For Watching Our LootCrate Gaming Reaction Video

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

So the first LootCrate Gaming boxes have now shipped out and I was lucky enough to receive mine in the mail today. Since there are already tons of unboxing videos out there on YouTube – blame Canada Post for my box being slightly late, they take forever – I decided to open up everything in advance and give you my opinions on each item.

If you’re unaware of what LootCrate Gaming is a subscription box box that sends subscribers monthly boxes (or “crates”) full of nerd / anime / gaming related loot. They cost about $20 USD + shipping and if you want to get a few bucks on your first order make sure to check out our referral link!

So what was included in this month’s LootCrate Gaming shipment?

  • Heroes of the Storm Mini Fig
  • 2 Exclusive Pins
  • An Exclusive Nintendo Pin
  • Official Halo Scarf
  • More Cool Stuff!

Give Away: By commenting on this page or the YouTube comments we’ll enter you in a contest to win the LootCrate exclusive Halo hooded scarf. This contest will close on Sunday April 24th and we’ll also bet @ PAX East that weekend, so if you happen to be at the show and win the scarf, well we will give you this prize on the show floor.

If you enjoy my reaction  video please let me know in the comments section, I might just put out similar videos in the future!

[youtube id=”J06DVY_Svpo”]

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