Bplus gives Puzzle Box early Steam release

Bplus Games have released an early access of their upcoming Steam game Puzzle Box. The game was released on April 1st.

Puzzle Box is painting with creative gameplay. You can create fantastic pixel art images, by dropping your color paint blocks in the correct place across the levels. Create colourful bold images in the classic color-by-numbers mode. Puzzle Box puts the joy and addictiveness of creativity in your hands, but with an added challenge. Then you can use them as levels in other Modes with different action gameplay – it is a simple way to enjoy Pixel Art in different ways.

With the game not yet complete, the developers have opened up the game to play in it’s as is state. The game is ready to be played, but this is still an early version of the game. The number of available levels for Classic and Copycat modes, as well as more background themes and music tracks, will continue to be added.

“We have been working hard on Puzzle Box within the last months and it’s ready to be played by the community and all who love new experiences. We hope that Early Access will give us the feedback from players to improve the game and also the time and resources to develop all the planned features and modes we hope to have in the final version.”

Puzzle Box should be in early access for about three months with a targeted release in early summer of this year.

According to their website the game is also planned for Nintendo NX, which is fitting since an earlier predecessor of the game PuzzleBox Setup was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014.


  • play with mouse and keyboard
  • super easy to learn
  • more than 8 game modes with different action gameplay
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • 200+ levels
  • relaxing background music
  • Combo Coins for precision
  • animated 3D backgrounds
  • great for all ages



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