Final Fantasy XII HD Unexpectedly Teased

This past Saturday during the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert Final Fantasy concert composer Arnie Roth let word slip that an HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII will be out “soon”.

As avid Square fans might know this is not one of the many Final Fantasy titles expected for release in the coming years which include: World of Final Fantasy and the Final Fantasy VII Remake both of which were announced at this year’s E3. Nor is it the upcoming Final Fantasy XV which finally had a playable demo released this past March.

During the development of last year’s Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster long time series producer Yoshinori Kitase mentioned in an interview that if that package was successful Square would look into producing other HD remasters including FFXII.

You can watch a short video clip of Arnie Roth talking about the HD version of Final Fantasy XII, which he calls a “remake”. We’ll have more on this story if it develops any further.

[youtube id=”IMGTCxb6rAc”]

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