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Nintendo Launching Nindies New Years Sale On Switch

Posted on January 8, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

Nintendo is going to be highlighting 9 specific indie tiles with this week’s discounts on the Switch e-shop. If you’ve waited for a discount on Death Squared, GoNNER, Graceful Explosion Machines, INVERSUS, Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time, Severed, Thimbleweed Park or Thumper, you are in luck.  With discounts up to 35%, there is a lot of spare change to be saved. 

Here’s the full list of discounts and prices as they will appear on the US e-shop: 

  • Death Squared – $11.24 USD (25%) 
  • GoNNER – $6.99 USD (30%) 
  • Graceful Explosion Machines – $8.99 USD (30%) 
  • INVERSUS DELUXE – $9.74 USD (35%) 
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime – $9.99 USD (33%) 
  • Semispheres – $5.99 USD (30%) 
  • Severed – $9.99 USD (33%) 
  • Thumbleweed Park – $14.99 USD (25%) 
  • Thumper – $13.39 USD (33%) 

Discounts aren’t the only exciting going for Switch indie developers and fans – a special Reddit AMA featuring the developers of all 9 titles will be held later today at 2PM. 


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