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EA play is it necessary?

Posted on June 14, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

So this year EA has decided that they need to have their own E3, right next to E3, but in the days leading up to E3. Well, Rae and myself managed to get media registered and get ourselves in to EA Play (which is what the event is called) where we were able to see and play the best upcoming EA titles. This is a major change from a closed show floor that’s normally seen. Anyone who was in LA could walk up to the desk and register for the chance to go in and play EA’s biggest suite of games for 2016

Ea used the venue to do some pretty awesome stuff, first showing off TitanFall 2 on the roof of the building with a fancy tent set up, then using another level to demo their EA sports offerings, and Battlefield one. It was a cool set up, small and intimate, the whole felt like an exclusive LA only only party (complete with a free sandwich and soda!)

One difference that was apparent was that EA play was open to the general public. Im not sure most of the general public would travel cross country to get the chance to lay hands on a single round of Titan Fall 2 and a single 20 minute Battle Field 1 game play demo. That being said both of the demos felt pretty unpolished (to be fair they are demos) but I think most of the general public was probably really excited to play games before they are released.

This fountain was really, really, cool

This fountain was really, really, cool

Titan Fall 2 was really fun to play, and honestly felt like a great addition to the series, I will look forward to hearing more as time goes on with this game. Madden and the other EA sports titles also made an appearance, and I overheard some pretty intense madden games going on in the arena that was there. Sadly as press we dont really have the time to attend such fun and awesome things as the Madden Championship, but we do get to wing by them occasionally.

Another neat feature was a massive store that was selling all sorts of EA branded stuff, from Mass Effect to Plants vs Zombies. The store had some really great merch in it, the time you usually only find at EA exclusive events being given out to VIPs. I really wanted one of the bags, but at 60USD it was a bit much for my wallet this trip. (EA if your reading this I would love an N7 bag!) most of the rest of what was at the EA play was mobile, or other EA properties that wernt as featured.

So now we get to the end, was it worth it? Well I feel like im probably not the only person who thinks this, but I think it was a bit excessive. I asked our EIC Rae about it and she said “I wouldnt say its excessive, but was is necessary nnnnooooo. Public booths outside would have done just as good of a job, with out all the dressing” I tend to agree with Rae, while I know everyone likes to be treated like a VIP (none more guilty than me) and EA has managed to create the exclusive club sort of feeling with EA play for sure, but I just feel like its excessive. There wasn’t enough content here to justify spending more than an hour or two, and I must say I really felt it would have done better on the show floor at E3. The only real advantage to this, was it really gets the games out to the fans, EA is trying to connect with the fans, more than the journalists. While I do applaud their efforts, I think they could have handled it better.


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