Dead Island DLC Giveaway


I don’t know why, but Thursday’s mortify me. It is unquestionably the scariest day of the week. The spooky mood this morning has inspired me to give out something horror related.

Alas, we don’t have any proper horror games. Instead, we’re going to shake things up a bit and give out DLCs. We have Steam, Xbox 360, and PS3 codes for Dead Island’s Bloodbath Arena and Ryder White DLCs. You will find these codes hidden in our articles, Twitter, Steam group, or Facebook page.

Also, I should warn you know that the ghost of Archibald Yell is still occasionally haunting our steam group’s chat room. Ever since he was killed by a Mexican Lancer at the battle of Buena Vista, he’s been doomed to walk the Earth handing out copies of the Mount & Blade Collection…. You have been warned.

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  • dmcgee627

    Do the steam versions have regional restrictions on what version they work with?

    • Daniel Shannon

      I don’t know. We didn’t hear anything about regional restrictions when we got the codes.

      STEAM -Bloodbath Arena code:

      • dmcgee627

        That worked with my East Europe copy, so I guess there aren’t restrictions for the steam version.

  • Razi31

    I would like to say once again dibs on the arma 2 copy if its unclaimed

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