Last Episode of Batman Telltale Series To Be Released Next Week

Telltales’ Batman series has been going strong since its debut this past summer and now things are about to come to a close for The Dark Knight in Batman: The Telltale Series episode 5 ‘City of Lights’. Episode 5 will be live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows via Steam on Tuesday December 13th Telltale announced today via press release.

The leader of The Children of Arkham is preparing to strike out against the Wayne family and if this plans succeed it could mean the end to more than just Bruce Wayne’s reputation. Players will have the chance to make choices as either the caped crusader or the wealthy billionaire as Telltale’s narrative heads towards its conclusion.

With the upcoming launch of Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5 the developers behind the series has made the first episode ‘Realm of Shadows’ on all platforms. For more Batman: The Telltale Series cove rage make sure to read our Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 reviews!


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