GTA V’s Brief Appearance on PSN Leads To Leak of Soundtrack

RockStar’s next open world crime game, Grand Theft Auto V, appeared on the European PlayStation network as in an unplayable pre-load state for those who have digitally purchased the title. This practice is not new, digital only services like Steam have been offering pre-load as an option for years, allowing gamers to jump right in when a title releases at midnight.

Gamer’s eagerly started sifting through the digital pre-load files and have dug up a few interesting things.  They’ve identified six different radio stations – Non-Stop Pop FM, SoundWax FM, Radio Los Santos, Punk Station, Classic Rock, West Coast Classics and a mishmash list of songs simply presented under the header ‘unknown’.  You can probably place a safe bet on the fact that this is not a definitive list of stations, absence of a talk station aside, as ‘Punk Station’ isn’t exactly witty enough to be included a GTA Game. We also have no clue what the songs under the ‘unknown’ label will fit in, if they are even present in the final build of GTA V.

Here’s a small sample of some of the tunes that will fill your eardrums while you cruise San Andreas: Foreigner – Dirty White Boy, Snoop Dogg – Gin N Juice, Snoop Dogg – Gin N Juice and Aphex Twins – Windowlicker. For a complete list of stations/tracks that have leaked check out this page!

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment Europe admitted that they had accidentally made the files accessible to the public ahead of the game’s scheduled September 17th release. The several gigabyte download is no longer available, so you should be safe from spoilers for now until review copies inevitably leak out a week or so before the street date.

Source: Kotaku

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