HOI3: Their Finest Hour Contest Winners Announced

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Daniel Shannon

The staff looked at the entries and chosen the winners of our HOI3: Their Finest Hour contest. Before handing out the prizes, we’d like to thank Monty the wargaming bulldog and Paradox Interactive for making this possible. Read on to learn who won.

The winners are:

Gonçalo: This Seawolf continues his ancestors’ fisherman traditions… by torpedoing entire schools of fish with the family u-boat.

Michael: This Hills Fighter prefers to take down Goliath from higher ground. Monty particularly liked this one as he is rather short as well. He’ll take up this tactic in his eternal war with Squirrels.

Skafsgaard: Once more we’ve chosen a Hills Fighter. Skafsgaard roughs it in the hilly Scandinavian wilds annually. Since my knowledge of Scandinavia is limited, I assume that he routinely kills polar bears and Trolls with the contents of his HUGE backpack.

Martin: Descriptive Grammar Courses couldn’t stop this Superior Tactician from sinking countless battleships.

Stefan: This Fleet Destroyer routinely dive bombs enemy vessels that have enter HIS bathtub.

Logan Miho: Indifference to the elements, and numerous skirmishes with Garrison Keillor, has given this Minnesotan the experience needed to become a Winter Specialist.

Vengur: He comes from a primitive land without elevators. The constant grind of climbing up stairs to go to work is similar to the ordeals Arnold Schwarzenegger had to endure during the push the grindstone around for 20 years montage in Conan the Barbarian. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In Vengur’s case, his commute has given him all the skills needed to command an army of Alpine troops.

To claim your prizes, shoot me an email (the link is at the bottom of this post), and confirm that you sent it off in the comments section.

Contest Hearts of Iron 3 Hearts of Iron 3: Their Finest Hour Monty



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