Watch_Dogs Unveiled at E3.

Update: Check out the teaser trailer and gameplay after the jump!

During the Ubisoft E3 Press Briefing, a trailer for a brand new game was shown. The trailer that was shown was a information centric. The trailer that was shown was named ctOS and it takes the open world game to a whole new level. Jonathon Morin, creative director at Ubisoft said that the city was your weapon.

During the demo, a dot matrix city was shown. It then shows a driver named DeMarco which showed a very active city that looked very much like New York. You then take  control of a character on screen. The city looks alive, people trying to get buy you and trees blowing with leaves falling off the trees. The character, using some great fluid animation shows the character go across the street to a nearby cars.

He then takes out a phone which seems to jam the transmission for all the phones around them. ¬†You then go into the club and see Justin DeMarco talk on a screen. The club is lively and looks like a cybernettic club full of cyberpunk and normal people. The people around him, wonder why the person is around. He then meets up with a guy that is not too pleased that he late. After telling the person his next target (which is DeMarco himself), then goes to hack more communications from a person; the person turns out to be a DeMarco employee. After being chased by employees, he smacks a security guard using the guard’s walkie talkie. He then escapes the club and walks outside to a rainy city.

After leaving, he finds a few traffic lights and then hacks them to create an awesome car accident (that’s sound morbid). He then starts being shot at by people involved in the accident. These seem to be the men that the charater is chasing. He gets involved in heavy fire fight in which he can use cover to avoid bullets. Eventually, he arrive at a car that contains DeMarco. He tells DeMarco to deliver a message and then shoots him…dead.

You then switch characters who starts doing some minor parkour and gameplay ends.

Let me tell, you…if you haven’t seen this game. You definitely want too soon!

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